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Game plan: A strategy for delivering government’s sport and physical activity objectives

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Game Plan was the 2002 to 2008 policy document for the provision and delivery of sport and physical actvity by the UK Government. This land mark document was published prior to the awarding of the Olympic Games [2012] to London and to the change in policy direction in 2008 "Playing to Win."







editors comments


Editor's comments - [  Published in December of 2002, this comprehensive document was produced jointly by the Government’s Strategy Unit and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Sections include comparative participation and sports performance data, research statistics and theories underpinning the value of sport (such as they are), it details the governments vision and strategy for sport from both a mass participation and performance perspective up until 2020.

Game Plan, as it is commonly known, was a landmark document in a variety of ways; It was the first sport policy document authored by two government departments, the Social Exclusion Unit (SEU) and the Department of Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) - as part of the “joined up thinking” philosophy that New Labour brought to government and the “crosscutting” political agenda that “social exclusion”, in terms of the importance of Neighbourhood renewal, represented for the government - documented in the context of their cmnd paper “Bringing Britain Together”.

Game Plan was larger and more comprehensive than any other recent “sport policy” documents, it sought to provide statistics and comment about sport participation and the inequalities associated with those and to provide a rationale for plans to reduce these inequalities.

Game Plan attempted to provide both a rationale and and action plan for the development of sport itself and the reduction of social exclusion through providing opportunities in sport participation based largely on the claims made for sport in the Report of the Social Exclusion Units’ Policy Action Team 10. Game Plan made suggestions toward sport being a potential instrument in achieving the governments wider socio-political agenda of combating social exclusion. Game plan articulated a clear statement that government perceived sport and physical activity as a potential social instrument to reduce the inequalities of opportunities for people (citizens) to participate in the social structures in British Society. see our Ruff guide to Game plan for more.  ]


APA reference for this document


Reference:  DCMS/Strategy Unit. (2002). Game plan: A strategy for delivering government’s sport and physical activity objectives. London: Cabinet Office


The reference above is in APA style: See our how to reference guide for referencing this website and downloaded documents using APA.
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Download this file (gameplan2002.pdf)gameplan2002.pdfGame plan: A strategy for delivering government’s sport and physical activity objectives (2002)
Download this file (FirstGamePlanReport.pdf)FirstGamePlanReport.pdfDCMS (2004). First game plan delivery report; April 2004. London: DCMS.
Download this file (gpexecsummary.pdf)gpexecsummary.pdfGame Plan Executive Summary
Download this file (map2002.pdf)map2002.pdf2002 Version of the map of sport in England
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